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2 January 2013

Introducing a new sponsor - Ogishi Craft Centre

I want to introduce you to Setsuko who runs the Ogishi Craft Centre in the Hunter Valley. The Centre includes a Glass and Fine Craft Gallery, Ogishi Art Chocolate and Artist Cottage Accommodation.

In Setsuko's words:

"I have been a glass blower and glass artist for 26 years in the Hunter Valley NSW. I am fortunate that I have lived so long with the things I love. The format of my business has been changing over the years. We used to create our works of art and sell through galleries and craft shops. Now we sell most of our own items here in the gallery. We extended the business to include accommodation and serving coffee and chocolate at the gallery. 

We live in a beautiful part of world, in the middle of Wine Country in the Hunter Valley. I work full time during the day, at night I am self employed. I volunteer in my community as well. 

This is the glass bowl Setsuko made after reading about my olive oil lamp. It's casting out such a beautiful light.

I tested my glass bowl as olive oil lamp the other day when I read your blog article. I am doing my own soap soon and I would like to put it in our accommodation cottage. 

I am willing to work with my glass and surrounding jobs - Gallery, Accommodation, Glassblowing Lessons - for another 10 years or so, as well as living simply and preparing for my simple future."

Have fun Glassblowing with Setsuko. Please take a look the website


  1. Dear Rhonda,
    Thank you for your introduction. I am looking forward to be a member of Down to Earth Community to learn and have a fun.
    By the way, I downloaded your 2013 Home Journal Templates yesterday and printed a few pages for now. My first project of 2013 is "Freeser Inventry".
    Thank you again.


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