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I'm just dropping in to let you know that Becci is starting her introduction to decluttering right now on the forum. Becci said this will be an ongoing theme during the year and this exercise is to get ready for it.  Just click here to go to the thread. If you're not a member yet, just click on the link above.


  1. I have only just started reading your blog, however since I have I have been inspired to de-clutter. I am doing it one small space at a time.

  2. I just joined the forum and am looking forward to learning and being inspired.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  3. Why is Decluttering such a buzz word??? My clutter, my stuff, my memories.

  4. Some people feel they have too much stuff and it gets in the way of living life. When you open up the space, you let new possibilities in. It's not for everyone though, if you're comfy with what you have, stay with it. :- )

  5. I think if you keep your home clean and tidy then that's what matters. Some people don't want to be burdened with cleaning and tidying alot. They can't cope with too many possessions and the time it takes to keep it all clean. They are too busy for all that. I get why people declutter. Me, I find it hard to get rid of stuff if it has a memory attached to it. I've done it before and regretted it. I went 'with the flow' and shouldn't have.

    I recycle loads of stuff. Sometimes It'll go to the recycling place, sometimes I'll find an alternative use for things.

    My 82 year old mother keeps decluttering lately. She says that when she dies she doesn't want us 'kids' to laugh at the stuff she has, so she gets rid of it. I sort of 'get' why she does it, but don't like it. I get her to box it all up. She reckons she is doing us kids a favour, so we'll have less to deal with. I take it all, her decluttered stuff, and bring it home here. Some of it is put out on display, where ever there is space, some of it stays in boxes...for a looksie later on. She is not a hoarder, like the people you see on some of those tv programmes. It's just her stuff...and, for me, it's memories. Call me sentimental, but I love my stuff and my Mum's (and late Dad's). I have nothing that belonged to my Granma. I want my kids to have something of their Gran's (and Mum's). There'll be lots to choose from! lol

    Looking back, I wish I'd kept half my clothes, handbags and shoes. They'd be vintage nowadays!!

    My niece is the opposite. Minimalist. Totally unsentimental. If there is no use for the item, out it goes. It would take ten minutes to dust her house. Obviously, we are related bloodwise, but totally opposite that 'way'. lol

  6. Thanks Minnie my sentiments too. I do keep my home as tidy as I can and I'm not a hoarder either but I love my stuff. This is a 2nd marriage for both of us and I have a whole lot of new stuff I love too. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a piece of rolled up cardboard my young grand-daughter Piper gave me a few days ago for my 60th birthday. My DIL said Piper took great care decorating my cardboard gift and wrote her name on it so Nanny wouldn't forget who gave it to her. I said to my DIL I will keep this special gift and show it to Piper in 10 years time when she turns 16.

  7. There just are some things that you feel you need to keep but there's no place to display them or even keep them in boxed up form. My Mother-in-law died a couple of years ago and we have a big box of photographs and albums that she had kept. We've taken out all the ones that we want for our stash but still have a lot left. Can't keep them in the basement----too damp---or the attic----too hot in summer. So there they sit cluttering up one of the closets. What to do with them?????? Her other son doesn't seem to be interested and neither do her two grandchildren. I just can't make myself throw them away! I did toss out a huge pile of slides----no real good way to look at them and they were most all travel pictures taken on tours but that still leaves family pictures yet to be death with. It's such a quandary!


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