31 December 2008

I need your help

I'm working on my book proposal again today and it's just occurred to me that you may be able to help me. No doubt the publisher who takes on my book will check out this blog and look at my stats. It would help me a lot if you would take the time to add me to your feeder or Bloglines, or link to me (because that shows up in the Technorati rating), become a follower or subscribe in the reader you use. Or do all of them if you have the time. Thank you so much. I appreciate whatever you can do.

Don't forget to read the "real" post for today, which is below this one. :- )


  1. Hi Rhonda

    I read your blog everyday but rarely comment because I can never remember my password or how to do it.

    I would love to help you but do not have the first idea of how to do what you ask.

    Any chance of you or someone else providing step by step instructions please?

    Happy New Year

  2. I've had you on google reader for a while but I added myself to your follow me thingy...hope it helps!

  3. Hello Deb, thanks for taking the time to respond and thanks for reading. Are you Bowen Deb?

    All these things are on the side bar:
    To subscrbie: click on "subscribe to posts". If you have bloglines or use Google reader, add it to there. If not, add it to Atom or an RSS feed. I know it sounds conplicated but this is how it is.

    To follow: I think you may need a google account for this. all you do is click "follow this blog", sign in with your name and password, or make a new account - it's all on the same page.

    Technorati: just link to me from your blog.

    I think there might be other ways but they are the only ones I know about.

  4. Hi Rhonda, I also read your blog every day, I've only just started my own blog and you are listed on my blog list but I have no idea what a reader is. Hope this helps.

    Your blog is one of the first things I read each morning and has given me lots of great ideas and inspiration so I'm really looking forward to your book.

  5. Hi Rhonda
    I am another Deb who needed specific instructions! I have now subscribed to posts!! Hope it helps,
    Debbie R

  6. Good luck Rhonda, I follow, I link and I blogline so that's about it.

  7. I have you on one of my blogs as well as am a follower....but I will add you to my other blog as well. You are a celebrity with my personal friends that read my blogs. Your name often comes up first when we talk about favorite blogs.

  8. Hi Rhonda,

    I've been following you for several months now (love your blog) and have you on my blog as a link (you were the second link I put on the blogs...after Domestic Felicity/Mrs. Anna who pointed me in your direction :). Now I've added you to Google Reader as well! All the best to you in this exciting endeavor. Good thoughts and God Bless.


  9. Rhonda...found you via Ang at Eclectic Culture Farm, and have had you on my sidebar for a couple of weeks. I really enjoy reading your blog, and hope that helps!

  10. Hey, I already linked to your blog today--your post on preparing for the coming year. Done!

    I also just became a follower. And I have you on my blog list with updates. I love your blog, Rhonda Jean. Good luck with your publisher!

  11. Hi Rhonda. You're on my blogroll, and in my reading list, and I sometimes quote you and link to your posts in my Knit, Sew, Bake, Grow blog.
    If any publisher people are reading this, "We want Rhonda, we want Rhonda"!! ;-)

  12. I already have you on my Bloglines and I have a link to you on my blog.

    However, I can also add you to my Google feed. I don't check it much but it IS another number. :)

  13. Following, Subscribed, And Linked! Good Luck!!!

  14. Oh, definitely, I will add you to a blog I am working on! Its a Joomla that I am still learning and I want to put my favorite links on the front page, so I will work on that in the morning, its late at night right now. I want to figure out a pretty way to do it. I love your blog and I read it everyday in Google Reader!
    You will be showing up at http://terrycorum.com/green/

  15. You're already in both my blogreaders, but I rarely comment--usually I don't have much to add to the dozens who have already done so! Thanks for your blog. Although your climate is opposite mine, I am constantly inspired by your thoughtful gardening, crafting, and living.

  16. I've got you linked to my "Blog Roll", does that count? I hope so... and the best of luck w/ your book.

    Happy New Year's from my "krew" to yours'...

  17. I read your blog all the time, but now I'm a follower. Good luck with everything... I'm very excited for you.

  18. Everything is done :-)
    Greeting from Germany!

  19. Hello Rhonda, I already have you under "Blog Links" and "Blog Updates". I also mention you all the time not only on my blog but out at work and other places as well. I can't wait to purchase your book and give it as gifts as well.

  20. Publishers do that????

    Anyway, have had you on rss for a while now.
    Good luck.

  21. Hi Rhonda
    I have had your blog marked as a favourite bookmark on my toolbar for a year or so now. Hope this is readable enough for your statistics. If not, let me know and I will test some of the other methods you mention - new for me. I only have very small blog list and most of the others on the list have come from your articles.
    Your words of wisdom first and then gardening news and viewpoints from my favourite Swedish gardener combine to give a good start to every day.
    Happy 2009! We have still 12 hours to go.
    Ramona K

  22. Hi Rhonda - I read your blog regularly but don't think I have commented before, I have you on my Google Reader list of subscriptions - does that count? Keep up the good work in 2009, always great information - one of my new year resolutions is to use homemade laundry soap. Good luck with the book.

  23. Hi Rhonda
    I am glad to help you. I just migrated to wordpress from blogger and can't figure out how to follow your blog. Reading the comments today helps. I will try to figure out how to add you to my RSS feed if nothing else and I will add you to my blogroll. Good luck! You deserve it.

  24. Hi Rhonda I read your blog most days and I have a link on my BlogRoll to yours. Best wishes Blu

  25. Hi to you Rhonda
    I'm fairly new to your blog, it's very inspiring. You mention a book often in your posts please can you tell me what this is to be about? I've looked back in some of your archives to try to find out but there is so much to go through. thank you, Bella

  26. I love your blog and I am already a devoted follower. If you haven't already - check out the photo of our little one on my blog. :)

    Happy New Year!

  27. Hello Rhonda, do you think having your blog bookmarked/added to favourites in Internet Explorer helps you? I don't know if I can do anything else...

  28. Oh, but I link to you from my blog as well. You're the first link in the list. :-)
    I don't know how RSS or Atom works.

  29. Hi, Rhonda

    I was already a follower and regular reader but just subscribed as well.

  30. you are on my "following" list! Happy New Year

  31. Hi Rhonda

    No, I'm not Deb from Bowen. I live in Moruya on the far south coast of NSW.

    Thank you so much for your instructions. I have clicked on everything that I thought might make a difference and I've learnt a few things on the way.

    Best of luck with the book; I can't wait to see it.


  32. Happy New Year Rhonda,
    Love your blog and have had you linked for a while now, but I'll become an official follower if that will help!
    All the best,


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