11 November 2007

Attention swappers who did not receive their napkins


If you sent napkins in the swap and didn't receive a package, please contact Sharon at cdetroyes@yahoo.com Sharon will be sorting these stragglers out.

Sharon, I spoke with Rhonda Gay, Karen's partner. She is sending a new set of napkins as hers have been lost and the Post Office can't track them.


  1. I've given your message to my sister, and she has already sent a mail to Jenny Wren.

  2. Rhonda and Rhonda, Thanks for sorting this out and for making some more napkins, that is really kind of you. It is of course upsetting that the first parcel didn't arrive especially as Rhonda G. had put in 'a few extras'. I hope that all your aprons in your apron swap arrive and this disappointment isn't incurred by other swappers. I don't know what more can be done to avoid it happening again apart from wrapping your parcel well and putting senders name on the back, unless of course you go by registered post which of course puts up the postage costs. These things happen. Karen.

  3. Rhonda Jean, a question for you this morning unrelated to napkins:

    Would you mind if I used the image of your "give more, expect less" stitchery in a blog post to provide a link to your blog?

    (I deleted the first post that I linked to your blog in and would like to do another more simple one to replace it, but wanted to get your permission to use the image first...)

    Thank you.

  4. thanks Aslaug.

    Karen, let's hope this one arrives.

    Wildside, yes love, that's fine.


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