13 September 2007

Swap addresses

Could the following ladies please contact me at rhondahetzel at gmail dot com and let me know your email and your postal address. Thank you. mystele, aimee, kimmee mom of 6, mrs mk, morgan and leah.


  1. I emailed it to you...but I guess it did not go through.

  2. Rhonda,
    I had left a comment, and emailed you about adding me to the list, but I do not see my name. If there are an uneven amount of swappers, that's okay, just please let me know.


    1864 Laurel River Rd
    London, Ky 40744

  3. I just sent an email with my mailing address. I'd already sent my email address. :)

  4. thanks ladies. Leah, I have yours, love. : )

  5. Is it too late to get in on the swap?? If so, I will try to catch the next one! :)

  6. Hi Bren, welcome. Sorry, you just missed out on this one. There will be another swap in October and pssst, no one knows this yet, we will be swapping aprons. : )

  7. Oh count me in!! I will keep you on my feeds..I enjoy your blog!
    I just cut my first apron last night...irony, I think not LOL!!!

  8. Rhonda, did you get my email note with the info you requested?



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