25 July 2007

Swap partners

Ladies, I'm trying to organise all our swap partners today. I have not yet received postal or email addresses from Briget, Busywoman, Kirsty, Kim and Robin. Could you all send word today please. Thanks everyone. : )


  1. Rhonda

    i did send an email the other day..
    Have just sent another one..Hope you get this one


  2. I sent an email to but it said you don't have a yahoo account? I aready have an email from my swap buddy so someone has my email?

  3. My email must be going a bit bonkers. Thanks Rob.

    Kirsty, did you put the "au" on the address? Anyhow, It's good you've made contact.

  4. I'm a bit dumb sorry, I missed the au bit. *insert embarrassed smiley here*
    Thanks for letting me know
    Cheers Kirsty

  5. Rhonda,
    I left an email too. Did you get it? I'll try again.

  6. Have emailed you with my addy too, Rhonda. Going out to get my cotton today and have already found the pattern I am going to use!

    Cheers, Briget


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